Sunday, November 20, 2011


Harris and I are slowly but surely settling into our new apartment. So many boxes, so little space. In talking with people, they always welcome us back from the honeymoon and the next question to follow is about getting settled in. We always include the response that we are very ready to just have everything settled and situated so that we can continue on with a "normal life". Normal life, eh?

After thinking about it further, I started to realize that the term we were thinking of rarely pans out the way that we picture it in our heads. Life in general is never as smooth-sailing and routine as we sometimes would like; something always comes up. Our initial response to "abnormal" life is always frustration, annoyance, sadness, or confusion. However in complacency we start to think that we do not need a Savior. Abnormal life is what creates a desire in our hearts for the One who can hold all things together and work all things for our good. If all things are going exactly as we want and plan, we would be our own god.

I'm glad life is never "normal". I'm glad none of us are "normal". God is creative, imaginative, and all-knowing. I am glad He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. He knows there are things in me that need to be worked out through this and every stage of my life.

Marriage truly does, as I was advised in engagement, reveal things that you didn't know about your spouse but mostly that you didn't know about yourself. I think that we try to fool ourselves (or maybe I should just speak for myself) into thinking that we are normal and the way we speak, think, and act are all normal. Normal can sometimes equate to selfish, rude, or something else ugly. When before we could put our best foot forward, being married allows the person you love the most to see the "other foot" that you always kept hidden before. We get tired, hungry, grumpy, and we sin. When God created this relationship to imitate that of Himself and the church, he created the perfect illustration - of course.

Anyways, all of that rambling to say that I'm learning that I love not being "normal" or having things "normal". God is at work and I see Him the most in my mess. Thanks be to Him that His grace is enough!

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