Thursday, December 22, 2011


Night and day. Up and down. Black and white. Right and left (yes, I put right ahead of left, Harris). On and off. Guys and girls.

Let's look at that last one. It completely fits the pattern because all of these things are complete opposites. Of course my phsychological brain comes out when I think about this topic but I love this stuff! As different as men and women are and were created to be, it's a wonder God designed us to be together. Actually it's not a wonder because of how I believe the Lord works. He uses us to sharpen each other and mold each other as we walk through the process of sanctification. Often frustrating but also exciting because it means that as we bump heads, have misunderstandings/miscommunications, or simply have "off days", we are sharpening each other if we choose to allow Christ to work.

On a funny note:
I found myself having an emotional day.. yes, I'll admit that. It's SO weird because pre-marriage, I was able to be emotional for no reason at all and cry and get out my "crazy" without anyone present to wonder what I was thinking, why I was crying, or how they could help. Well, crazy thing, but when you get married, there is always someone there at the end of the day! So when you're crying about whatever-it-is, they're right there experiencing it with you! I felt so abnormal.

Well, the other night, I was watching the movie Tangled, and I saw this scene. I LOVE how the characters portray the typical girl-guy interaction when a girl has a fickle mind or emotional back-and-forth. It made me feel like maybe I'm not the only one experiencing this if Disney creates a comical scene from this experience.

Let me set the scene - Rapunzel has just been sneaky and run away from home when her mother had told her to stay. She has never been out of her tall castle before and she was very excited to see the world. The guy with her somewhat helped her escape. This is the scene when Rapunzel realizes what she has done...

Harris is COMPLETELY the guy in the background just standing there waiting on Rapunzel (Taylor) to get all of that emotional stuff out of her system. He just stands in the background and then walks up to comfort when the main storm has calmed. I love it. God is funny. As we discussed this week in our WinShape Retreat devotions, we all need somebody in our life who will grate against us sometimes so that we will ultimately be sharpened.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

Seriously.. that scene is my life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So it has definitely been way too long since I have written an update. I suppose that's the life when you're adjusting to being married. Harris and I are FINALLY settled into our two-bedroom apartment out in small-town Rome. It's so fun to see all of the "decorations" merging together. The bachelor-pad of Harris' years as a single 20-something and the feminine decor-category that my things fall into. I'm really pleased, however, at Harris' creativity in interior design. He's so much more creative than I thought!

We have a pair of antique windows that my mom's friend, Irene, bought for us to use at our wedding. When trying to decide where to put them, I was about to give up because they're so heavy; it didn't even seem practical to put them up on the walls. Harris quickly found a spot for them - suspended between our kitchen and living room in the open space above the partition wall!

I love being able to discover the little things about someone you love that really make them special. Little did I know, Harris has a creative side! Little did Harris know, I have a thrifty side!..

We went to one of my all-time favorite stores, TJ Maxx the other week and were shopping around for the little odds and ends that would complete our home. I found this beautiful (but broken) piece of furniture that I wanted to use in our bathroom. It only had two legs (of four) and the other legs were nowhere to be found. I asked the salesman if he had kept the legs. He checked with his manager who proceeded to tell us that he threw them away. Crafty/creative Harris mentioned that we could knock the other two legs off and make it flat.. perfect! Thrifty-Tay mentioned getting a major discount since the piece was broken.. the manager agreed!

Original price of beautiful bathroom cabinet: $100
Discounted price of beautiful bathroom cabinet: $20
Getting creative and also getting a great deal: Priceless!

We have really enjoyed making our little place comfortable and warm. There have also been bumps in the road because of differing opinions and lack-of-space that comes with apartments. The process of merging two worlds and making a home together is very challenging yet also very rewarding.
I'm not sure if this verse applies, but it really seemed to:

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.." - Ecclesiastes 4:9

Our reward is most definitely sharing in the gift of marriage that God has given. We are grateful!