Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So it has definitely been way too long since I have written an update. I suppose that's the life when you're adjusting to being married. Harris and I are FINALLY settled into our two-bedroom apartment out in small-town Rome. It's so fun to see all of the "decorations" merging together. The bachelor-pad of Harris' years as a single 20-something and the feminine decor-category that my things fall into. I'm really pleased, however, at Harris' creativity in interior design. He's so much more creative than I thought!

We have a pair of antique windows that my mom's friend, Irene, bought for us to use at our wedding. When trying to decide where to put them, I was about to give up because they're so heavy; it didn't even seem practical to put them up on the walls. Harris quickly found a spot for them - suspended between our kitchen and living room in the open space above the partition wall!

I love being able to discover the little things about someone you love that really make them special. Little did I know, Harris has a creative side! Little did Harris know, I have a thrifty side!..

We went to one of my all-time favorite stores, TJ Maxx the other week and were shopping around for the little odds and ends that would complete our home. I found this beautiful (but broken) piece of furniture that I wanted to use in our bathroom. It only had two legs (of four) and the other legs were nowhere to be found. I asked the salesman if he had kept the legs. He checked with his manager who proceeded to tell us that he threw them away. Crafty/creative Harris mentioned that we could knock the other two legs off and make it flat.. perfect! Thrifty-Tay mentioned getting a major discount since the piece was broken.. the manager agreed!

Original price of beautiful bathroom cabinet: $100
Discounted price of beautiful bathroom cabinet: $20
Getting creative and also getting a great deal: Priceless!

We have really enjoyed making our little place comfortable and warm. There have also been bumps in the road because of differing opinions and lack-of-space that comes with apartments. The process of merging two worlds and making a home together is very challenging yet also very rewarding.
I'm not sure if this verse applies, but it really seemed to:

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.." - Ecclesiastes 4:9

Our reward is most definitely sharing in the gift of marriage that God has given. We are grateful!

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