Thursday, January 26, 2012


Harris and I got the opportunity to attend our church's marriage retreat as the "worship leaders". Funny, if you know me, because you know that I do NOT sing. I'll sing corporately, however I am well aware of my inability to reach many, if not all notes, thus I do not lead. Harris, on the other hand, is a wonderful singer! He was in AU Singers at Auburn and has many years of choir and choral experience. He played guitar and sang for all of the couples at the retreat and I assisted him with the slideshow of lyrics.

It's so funny because for so many years now, I have been in the Christian community where CCCs ("cute Christian couples") come to lead worship for different events. You know the type. They are young, married, fashionable, and they are both extremely musically talented - excuse my jealous reaction - but bleh! I will tell the truth, before and during the retreat I wished that I were that adorable vocally-blessed counterpart to my husband, but I am not. I have many other gifts - I'm not trying to be down, but singing is not one of them. I was the official "slideshow assistant" and loved every minute of allowing my husband to lead the couples in GOOD worship music. :)

You're never too early into your marriage to attend a marriage conference or retreat. We probably would not have gone if we had not have been asked to lead worship, but I am so glad that we went! We leared from Dr. Paul and Virginia Frieson about expectations in marriage, friendship in marriage, sexual love in marriage, and legacy through marriage. All of the sessions were informative and encouraging. They are such incredible speakers - a great balance of facts, statistics, guidance, and humor. Harris and I got a chance to sit with them at breakfast on Sunday morning and we enjoyed our time very much. What a great weekend!

We continue to learn more and more everyday about how to love each other well. It takes a special man who is patient enough with me and my ever-changing self to love me in all my seasons. Such a fun adventure!

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