Tuesday, February 14, 2012

grace for today.

Happy Valentine's Day!

There's a giddy little girl inside of me that just loves Valentine's Day. I can't help it. I guess I never really jumped on the whole "I hate Valentine's" train when it comes to this Halmark holiday because why should we not make a day that is devoted to loving others and showing it? Yes, I agree that we should already be showing our love to others on a daily basis. I am also well aware that the whole day gets messed up - expectations are not met, feelings are hurt, and jealousy rears its ugly head - but these things happen every other day! If these things happen to you today, it is probably already happening in "real life"... your expectations just might be higher today, therefore they are much more apt to not be met.

I think having a reminder like Valentine's Day is such a sweet way of offering us the opportunity to learn to give and receive grace in our love:

  • Grace for the boyfriend who doesn't realize how important this day is.
  • Grace for your beautiful friend who received the perfect gift from her perfect husband at their perfect home in perfect-land.
  • Grace for the mother who forgets that she was supposed to attend the Valentine's day play in her son's class today.

The Lord offers grace to our selfish selves on a minute-by-minute basis:
  • Grace for when we don't realize how important He is.
  • Grace for when we don't receive the gift He has given us of His Son.
  • Grace for when we forget that we are loved and adored simply because we belong to Him.
I think that this day can be wonderful. We just need to remember grace in this day like any other!

God IS love... I love love!

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