Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sin opens the door for Satan. Sin creates a warm, welcoming environment for his dirty work to be done.

I hate sin and I hate Satan.

For whatever reason, this month has within it brought SO many requests from friends for prayer in great times of need. I have received more than one handful of phone calls with terrible news on the other end. One situation that is breaking my heart deals with the devastating effects of sin that have taken their toll on a sweet friend of mine. She is now in the ICU dealing with it and recovering, but to what state she will recover, I do not know. I got word of it yesterday afternoon and have since been to sit at her side and lay hands on her to pray that the Lord would deliver her from all of it: from the state she is in now and the state she has been in that brought her here. I firmly believe that this is the closest I have been to spiritual warfare in my life. It is real and it is scary.

A good friend and mentor of mine just left me a voicemail to tell me that, very appropriately, today is Ash Wednesday. She was reminded of the fact that THIS (all of these horrible situations happening within the lives of people who are dear to us) is why Christ came. THIS is why we need a Savior. Our world is broken, beaten, and sad and we need to be rescued.

Gosh, I cannot wait for Jesus to return. I hate the hurt and the sadness that our world brings. I love that the Lord did not leave us here alone with all of it in the meantime.

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