Friday, April 20, 2012

the journey.

Flying always makes me think. I'm sitting here in the delta terminal waiting to board the plane and I was reflecting on the process of getting even just to this spot. I had the thought, "I don't get why people just LOVE to travel. I don't like it. It is stressful keeping up with where you're going among the seas of busy people."

This thought was spurred on by all of the variety of people that passed by me as I went from check point to check point. Some look important, some are walking slowly, (most fastly), some are very young and some very old. All nationalities and walks of life represented.

Then I started to wonder where these people are going and it hit me: as hokey as this may sound, the airport is a snapshot of the world. The journey we are on is pictured so well in the passing crowds at the airport! Some are going right, some left, some will pass you and others won't because of a severe handicap, some are happy, others are heading to face sad news. I enjoyed this picture when I finally slowed down long enough to see it! Our stories are all so different because we serve a HUGE God! Usually it's hard to think about what others might be going through because we are so focused on our own story.

My mind brought me to the quote "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey" (or whatever it is).
In the midst of starting into my automatic silent complaining about the airport process, I stopped it short with a sigh of thanksgiving for this picture of life.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

disciple NOW.

This weekend is our church's DNOW weekend (Disciple Now) - and of course, as Harris is the director of our Youth Ministry, we have been very busy the past two weeks preparing for this weekend. I have watched as he and his small team of full-time/part-time staff worked countless hours preparing for a weekend that has promised to be life-changing. The gifts and talents of each of these wonderful people have been put to such good use! Their passion for serving the Lord and showing others who He is is amazing to watch.

The theme of this weekend is "awakening".

The leaders are presenting the Gospel to the students as well as exposing them to some of the human need that is in our world today. Harris and his team created an experiential learning center where the students get to learn hands-on what it is like for others around the world in less fortunate living situations. Our hope is that the students' hearts would be awakened to the need in the world, but not simply the physical, emotional, or social needs of the world, but the NEED that we all have for a Savior.

I was thinking through what the weekend is called, "disciple NOW". Now. Now is the time to share what Christ did. And now. And now.
Make disciples of all nations. Now.
Make your children into disciples. Now.
Be a disciple yourself. Now.
We are not promised another time than now. We are only aware of what we can do now. The only time we can make decisions for sure is right now. Right NOW as I type, the students in our community are learning more about a God who is watching over them now.

A sweet friend reminded me this week that wherever the Lord is being praised and worshiped, Satan is lurking waiting for an opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy. Our students are bombarded with lies right now. The pressures that face them [even when they are sitting in a room full of other students worshipping the Lord] are many right now. Now is when satan seeks the opportunity to take away their joy and your joy. That is why our team is taking action right now.

What can you do right now? What decisions are facing you now? What is the right thing to do right now? Don't let satan take control of the now that God has given you. You can make your now what it needs to be. Now.

Friday, April 6, 2012


The Lord of my life, the God I pray to, my personal Savior and sweetest Gift was here.

He was HERE.

That was my thought this morning as I was driving to work thinking about what today (Good Friday) means to me. For whatever reason that was the concept that stood out to me. God was here on Earth.
I took a moment to absorb the idea that the Lord I speak to daily and who knows the deepest parts of me was actually here.

As I really tried to wrap my mind around this, I thought about those people who were actually there and were able to see and hear Jesus. I thought about the woman who touched Jesus's clothes. She TOUCHED Him! I love that woman's story because I can totally relate: She knew she was unclean. She knew she was unworthy. She probably had extreme insecurity because of her past and even some of the things in her life at that moment. She needed healing SO badly, but she knew she did not even deserve the time of day from the One who she knew could heal her. She just had enough in her to reach out and touch Him. She was healed.

That's similar to what we do today except we use a different sense. We do not have a physical Jesus to touch to be healed, but we have a God we can talk to. We know we are unclean. We know we are unworthy. We have insecurity, doubt, and fear. We need healing SO badly. The difference: We cry out and He hears us. We are healed.

Personally, touch is completely the language I understand and prefer. I think that's why my heart was so excited this morning about the concept that a physical presence of the One I love was here.

The reality of the day is that Jesus died on this day in history. He was put to death on the cross by those who saw Him, talked with Him, heard Him, and knew Him here on Earth. He was taken to the cross and he thought of everyone He was sacrificing Himself for. He thought through all of the sweet names of those He loves as His life ended here. He could do that because He truly is the God we know and pray to regularly. He knew your anxious thoughts about the next phase of life, your fears about what the doctor would say, your joy in the great news of a promotion, and your sadness over losing someone you love. He knows all of those things well. They matter to Him. He thought of them as He willingly led Himself to die for us. I am forever grateful for that gift.

I just cannot even believe that HE was HERE!! That's an aspect about the story that just speaks to me. Think through which part of the story stands out to you to get a new perspective on the story that will NEVER get old. The greatest story ever told. He was here.