Friday, April 20, 2012

the journey.

Flying always makes me think. I'm sitting here in the delta terminal waiting to board the plane and I was reflecting on the process of getting even just to this spot. I had the thought, "I don't get why people just LOVE to travel. I don't like it. It is stressful keeping up with where you're going among the seas of busy people."

This thought was spurred on by all of the variety of people that passed by me as I went from check point to check point. Some look important, some are walking slowly, (most fastly), some are very young and some very old. All nationalities and walks of life represented.

Then I started to wonder where these people are going and it hit me: as hokey as this may sound, the airport is a snapshot of the world. The journey we are on is pictured so well in the passing crowds at the airport! Some are going right, some left, some will pass you and others won't because of a severe handicap, some are happy, others are heading to face sad news. I enjoyed this picture when I finally slowed down long enough to see it! Our stories are all so different because we serve a HUGE God! Usually it's hard to think about what others might be going through because we are so focused on our own story.

My mind brought me to the quote "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey" (or whatever it is).
In the midst of starting into my automatic silent complaining about the airport process, I stopped it short with a sigh of thanksgiving for this picture of life.

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