Thursday, May 17, 2012

moving on.

Well, it is official. The reason I have not posted in a while is because of all of the developments the Lord is working on in my and Harris's life. June 15th is the move day.. we will pack it all up and head towards our newest adventure together, Lynchburg, Virginia. You know, the whole time we've been praying through this decision and seeking the Lord's will for our next step, I cannot help but wonder how exactly everything will play out.

Very appropriately, I found this article online that perfectly describes my thought process. I believe it applies to at least some situation in everyone's life, so it's worth a read. My favorite line in the article is:

"Maybe God cares about who we are becoming more than what we are specifically doing."
This statement is evident in the lessons the Lord has taught me throughout the process of relocation. I have learned about the pride, envy, and self-centeredness I have within myself. I have learned what it means to be rejected over and over and how little faith I truly have that the Lord will provide. [Just being honest here] I have learned that I definitely tend to search for what the Lord has for me rather than who the Lord is to me. A lesson I believe will be ongoing.

I hope this post finds you in a place where you can stop and truly be thankful for who God is to you rather than what God has for you. We will miss our sweet Rome community and being close to family and friends. We are also grateful for the opportunity to grow through this change in our lives. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the community we enjoy. We love you all!

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