Tuesday, June 26, 2012

out there.

Well, now is when real-life sets in, I suppose. It's funny because having all of this free time (I'm still working on getting that full-time position) has really slowed our pace down. My pace has been slowed before; It has been slowed on vacations, but never been so slowed at home. I am getting things done that I never thought I'd have time for! I've worked hard on our "first year" scrapbook. I cooked a meal and dessert from scratch (for the first time ever, by the way!) yesterday. I have enjoyed sweet time reading the Bible, cleaning the house to an immaculate degree, and studying my new cookbooks and learning new things here and there. Harris is my best friend and we have also enjoyed sharing this free time together as well - now he's off working a part-time job.

I got to thinking about a small connection I've made here. I had the thought "you need to invite her to lunch or coffee sometime". Then that nervousness creeped in immediately. What do we talk about? What if it is completely awkward? What do I have to share? It was like my childhood shyness popped in out of nowhere to talk me out of it.

It would be easier, in some sense, to just ignore the thought and continue on relishing my personal time and not reaching out for this new connection. I then remembered a time in college where I was about to meet a girl for coffee who was new to the school. I was honestly dreading the meeting (she knows this now, and is now one of my dear friends) and, much different than my life now, simply did not want to add another thing to my schedule. I was dreading the coffee date for the same reasons as I questioned above. It turned out to be a special moment in her and my friendship where we talked and shared for a couple of hours and we connected in a big way! We ended up becoming great friends and doing life together. She helped me through some of my most difficult walks in life and was truly a blessing!

What are we missing out on when we ignore those little "thoughts" or, as they are more likely to be, "nudges" from the Holy Spirit? If I ignore that thought, yes, I could continue doing wonderful things with my time and enjoying every bit of it. I would also possibly miss out on a great new friendship that the Lord offered right to me if I would just take it! Needless to say, I'm about to step out on a limb and start making some friendship-connections in my new home.

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