Friday, July 13, 2012


My sweet mama is up in Lynchburg visiting us this week. I could not be happier to have such a guest in our home. (PS: if you have a loving/caring/hospitable mama like my own, you'll find when you "host" her for the first time, she really ends up "hosting" you) We are enjoying talking, shopping, watching movies, cooking, and just resting in each other's presence.

Just for the sake of giving my mom a highlight in the blog, I'll describe her: Tina Broach Fagan.
A genuine soul. 
Embodies the word self-sacrifice. 
Counselor to many: regardless of their past or present. 
The most talented person I will ever know with needles and yarn. 
Lives by quiet steady example. 
A blessing. 

One phrase my mom always says whenever she's truly enjoying where she is or who she is with is, "now, if only time would just freeze." I completely resonate with that idea. If you're genuinely enjoying where you are, you want the time to slow considerably or stop completely so that you can enjoy it forever.
I started to think about moments when I've wished the opposite: that time would speed up. When I'm in mourning or going through a difficult time, the phrase, "if only time would just freeze" is nowhere near my mind. All I want is for time to pass.

I think time is a cool example of how the Lord exercises His justice. He is completely just in His timing. Time remains the same whether we are loving it or hating it. While some people are enjoying 12 hours in a joyful state, others are enduring 12 hours in a hard place. Either way, the Lord keeps time running just as it is. I'm learning to lean on Him both as we enjoy as well as when we endure those times.

Enjoying the sweet moments I have now, and also enjoying the just God we serve.

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