Friday, August 24, 2012

funny freak-outs.

So I'm most definitely a priss when it comes to scary noises, bugs, and other "yucky" things. Now, to give myself some credit, I also occasionally have moments of strength, courage, and all-around gusto when it comes to dealing with those things, but typically I have a mini freak-out. This week I think I've filled my quota:

1. BIG surprise in the kitchen

My new friend and I walk in the house after our typical evening walk through the neighborhood and come into the kitchen. The lights were off and the door was open because Harris had let our little kitty in for an evening snack. I walk around the kitchen table, flip on the light, and there, a good ways into the middle of our kitchen floor, was a huge, I mean HUGE, hairy, ugly, aggressive spider. [don't judge my description, he was really aggressive as he proceeded to 'chase' us around the table when the lights came on] I refuse to kill this kind of spider. Refuse. If I'm going to FEEL him die under my foot, then I cannot do it. As you've probably guessed by now, that's not because I feel bad for his loss of life...

Harris, being the life-long explorer/researcher/learner that he is, proceeds to get close enough to take a cell phone picture of this thing in order to research what kind of spider it is. Meanwhile, Taylor is FLIPPING out. Worried that mr. spider would find his way to a hiding spot where we would not be able to find him, I'm adding to the chaos by screaming, "KILL IT, KILL IT, NOW!" .. Probably the only reason this event 'sticks out' in my mind is because my friend was over and it highlighted the fact that my reaction was likely over-the-top. Oh well.. spiders are scary.

2. Noises downstairs

Harris and I had JUST rested our heads on the pillow when I heard a 'rustling' downstairs. "Did you hear that??" He had not heard a thing, but I was sure I did. So I listen even more intently. We then both heard the noise downstairs and I had my 'freak out'.. "Ahh! There it is again! Go see what it is! What is it? [how would he know?] Did you hear that? Hurry! What do we do?" Well, the level of my freak out was enough to make Harris overestimate what he heard and by the time I had rolled out of bed and turned around, he had a gun and was walking towards the door. "AHH! What are you doing?! Why do you have a gun?!" [thus, another freak out]

I then proceed to inform him that I'm pretty sure that it's just a bird or a bat rustling around downstairs and that a gun was unnecessary. [Harris is really fulfilling the protector-role.. I love it] Turns out, it was our little kitty friend catching and killing a bug against the back porch door.

Welcome to the life.. sometimes I freak out.
It is comforting to know that Harris will put up with and endure my 'moments'.. even when they are unnecessary and over the top. This is just one small (and funny) way of many ways that Harris shows me Christ's love. It is so nice knowing that someone loves you even if you're ridiculous.

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