Tuesday, August 7, 2012

only the best.

As I was finishing dinner for myself and Harris last night, I began to set the table. I have these adorable blue patterned napkins (one of our many awesome wedding presents) that I am running low on. I went to grab them and had the thought, "maybe I should save these last few for when we have guests". Then I quickly thought to myself that sometimes Harris should be treated like a special guest!

We all know that special guests should be welcomed in our home, given the best, treated with hospitality, and loved-on in special "I care about you" ways. Sometimes, when I get into the routine of mundane life, I default to treating dinner (or whatever the regular activity is) like nothing special. Forget candles, special napkins, or the sauce boat thingy for Monday night dinner.. "it's JUST us.."

Now, don't hear me wrong, Harris and I certainly have our paper plate, grab it with your hands on-the-go kind of dinners when things are busy. Certainly if it was always special, it wouldn't be special. I just forget sometimes to make a regular, Monday night dinner somewhat distinct with the little touches I'd usually reserve for guests. Our families deserve our best too, even for "no good reason". Using the pretty napkins for a regular ol' dinner might be one way we can serve our families with a little "you're special to me" message.

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