Friday, August 10, 2012


What's your favorite word? Mine is TONIGHT.

No other word has such expectation, excitement, and/or energy wrapped up in it (in my opinion). I don't know why, but a long time ago I decided that this is my favorite word.

"Tomorrow" can hold a long to-do list, a difficult conversation, an early morning, or a number of other undesirable things.. not to be negative. It just seems a relatively long way away from the present moment, even if it's not. For whatever reason, I get excited when I think about "tonight". I'm a night-person, for one. I get an extra burst of energy/creativity/excitement and I love the night hours. I love the way night feels. Tonight is just close enough to get reasonably excited, yet not far enough that you cannot build up expectation, make plans, or prepare for whatever is coming. I'm weird; I just LOVE that word.

We have some sweet friends from Rome visiting us this weekend, and I'm not even really sure what we have planned for TONIGHT, but I cannot wait to get there and make some fun memories with our buddies!!

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