Monday, September 24, 2012


We all know what the stereotypical 'monday' entails.. if you don't I'll give you a picture of the one I experienced this morning and see if it rings a bell:

Wake up late.
Feel like a complete slug.
Moving slowly.
Can't find anything to wear.
Iron the thing you find to wear.
Put it on and spill liquid make up on it.
[Now really can't find anything to wear.]
Stepping over the mess you've created.
Bad hair day.
Eyes are puffy.
Knock over entire jewelry holder while trying to pick out jewelry.
Running late and realize that means no parking spot for you.

It goes on but you get the picture.. happy Monday.

Well, it was the definition of a stereotypical "Monday" for me this morning. One thing that was very different was my sweet husband (an amazing gift of grace in my life) who grabbed me in the midst of my huffing through the morning, gave me a long hug (that most definitely delayed the process of me getting ready) but who then began to pray over me. What a reminder of where my mind/priorities should be!
"Lord, thank you for another day and help us to get through it remembering the gift that it is!"

The circumstances of my morning did not change, but my attitude did. There's nothing more humbling than to have, in the midst of your whining and complaining about your morning, someone who comes alongside you to pray a prayer of thankfulness for what you have.. the day.

It'd be so great if I could tell you that I stopped myself and prayed that my attitude would change, but there was no such obedience on my part. Thankful for a prayerful and encouraging husband. We can all be that to someone who is going through something stressful, difficult, or frustrating. Stop with them in the midst of it all and pray. I promise you it's hard to keep on complaining and whining when you've been walked straight to the throne. 

 Happy Monday!

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