Tuesday, November 6, 2012

long distance.

Moving away from home is often times difficult because you do not get the opportunity to do with old friends what I love best: sit with each other, spend quality time with each other, and speak to each other face-to-face about life and love. Technology, however, has made this transition in some sense even better! Not only do I get to make a home here in Virginia with my wonderful husband, but I also have had the unique opportunity to connect even deeper with a "new" best friend who actually remains in Rome.

My friend and I did not get much time to sit with each other before the move, but since the move have had countless conversations over email about life, laughter, transition, hardship, and any number of other topics. She has been my counselor, my confidant, my friend, and my mentor. Her words come alive through the screen and her compassionate "listening ear" (reading eye?), has been a gift that came in an completely unexpected time and way. She and I are kindred spirits and the time we have to read each other's thoughts has been a wonderful way of connecting. Our relationship, much thanks to technology and the Lord's perfect timing, has developed into a genuine long-distance blessing in my life.

The Lord will surprise you in the ways that he so delicately tailors His gifts. In order to take notice of anything delicate, intimate, and superbly romantic, we must be highly in-tune with an expectant attitude and know our Father's ways. I only say that because I have missed many a gift/blessing in my own life only to have a dear friend point it out to me.
How is the Lord showering you with love today? It may be a specific type of weather you love, a smile from someone unexpected, extra grace in a moment you know you messed up, or a great hair day.. today I am thankful for the incredible friendship that the Lord has allowed to grow and develop over email. He cares so much!

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