Thursday, December 13, 2012

our boys.

One of the many unexpected blessings that moving to Virginia and Harris
returning to school has brought into our life is
the friendships we have made in his classmates... namely, "our boys", Jeff, Justin, and Ethan.
Harris has been getting to know these three (among many other wonderful guys) during his
full-time Aviation Maintenance classes. They are together all day every day.
I had heard stories of these boys before I ever met them.
Late on Halloween night, well past the last child's doorbell ring, well past the last bit of our candy supply, we receive another ring at the door...
"Harris, you go get it, I don't want to tell the kids we don't have anymore candy."
Harris answers the door only to find these guys standing there with big grins ready for
a visit with the Yorks. I had such a great time talking and getting to know them!
Ethan, the very passion-filled, outgoing one of the crew,
decides that they're coming back sometime soon for dinner.
We couldn't be happier to have them.
We have since enjoyed many wonderful (often entertaining) visits with these guys
and the other guys in the program - what a great group for Harris to be alongside in this season!
We received the best Christmas gift the other day:
The boys came by the house with a card addressed, to "Mom and Dad", and a picture frame...

...of our boys with Santa.
We're very proud.

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