Thursday, January 10, 2013


This morning I read through Psalm 66 as a part of a "Refresh Your Soul" practice/reflection from a blog I really enjoy reading, Grace Full Mama. 
Basically the assignment was to read through Psalm 66 and then reflect on how God has been faithful to you over the past year and what things showed His goodness and love over you.

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now, so this gives me the perfect opportunity!

Last year when Harris and I were first married, we began contemplating moving to Virginia so that he could return to school at Liberty. I was scared, honestly. I have never lived far from home, and I tend to be a "home-girl". We knew it would be a sacrifice, but we also knew that we wanted to follow the Lord's will for our lives, so we prayed about it a lot. Through some pretty crazy stories of the Lord speaking comfort directly into my fearful heart, we knew we were supposed to take this leap of faith and go, and we knew He would take care of us.

I had prayed a lot of prayers that were what I like to call, "fluffy" prayers, but they also just meant a lot to me at the same time. The Lord not only provided the essentials for us, He provided in abundance. Little requests that I thought, "You know, some of these prayers are completely petty, but I will just be honest with God." Well, He answered even those small requests in bigger and better ways than I could imagine for us! Here are a couple:

1. I really wanted a pet when we moved. Turns out we moved into a townhome that would not allow us to own a dog or a cat. I was really bummed because I wanted that "companionship" and something to take care of. About a week after we moved, a beautiful (albeit emaciated, dull-furred, and scared) kitten found his way to our back porch while we were eating dinner. I saw him, opened up a can of tuna to share, and slowly but surely over time this timid boy has become our best friend. We have adopted this little guy (Tiger), and he has become a member of the fam! So we're not technically breaking the rules, we've just adopted an orphan.... right?

2. Driving through town, I noticed that Lynchburg was a bit bigger than the town we moved from, so I hoped one of my favorite restaurants would be here, Chipotle. We searched, but no Chipotle around.. not a big deal. Literally the next day or two, we drive down the main drag near our house and what sign goes up over the new strip, but a Chipotle to be coming soon! Seriously, that was SUCH a petty request.. but I'm so grateful for these little touches of love.

3. I prayed for friendship. True, genuine friendship. I figured that I could meet new people and enjoy new friendships at wherever I was going to work or go to church, but I had a specific type of friendship in mind. I really wanted one where I could be completely, 100% myself with no reservations, and find someone who was like the best friends I had at home. Who did I meet the first week we moved here, but Amanda Bixler. My best friend in Lynchburg. Instantly we connected and I felt that friendship forming from day 1. The Lord did NOT have to provide in that way, but He did!
 There are SO many more ways that He showered us with love and kindness in ways that we did not deserve or need here in our new town. I got a wonderful job at the University (which helps us with tuition), Harris is working part-time at the airport, we instantly found a church that we love and connected with, we moved into a great neighborhood with lots of young couples and families, and much more.

Joy's blog says, "Remembering can greatly fortify our souls and bless our hearts as we look at what He has done." I think that is something so good to do: look back on how the Lord has blessed you and practice thankfulness often. When things get rough or when I am struggling with being away from my "home" and family and friends, I can always remember the ways that I've been blessed in such personal ways. I know God is with me - He makes that especially clear and obvious when He places little "gifts" in different places in my life. We are thankful.


  1. Wonderful. It's really important for us to remember God's faithfulness in our lives so we can face the challenges coming our way! =)

  2. You're so right, it really is. Sometimes I have to just stop and think, "There's no way God isn't with me! Look at all He has done, big and small!" He is good.