Monday, January 7, 2013

new year.

Well, Happy New Year!

Harris and I had such a wonderful Christmas. I'm so thankful that the Lord gave us speech, words to use to express how we think about, feel about, and experience life. Sometimes, however, I feel so limited by my words to adequately express what certain people and things bring into my life. Time with family and close friends really does that to me - makes me incapable of truly expressing my inner peace and joy I get from those moments. So here's the best I can do: I am completely blessed by the wonderful people in my life, especially by the family I have been given. Not many people have the opportunity to feel so loved, and I am aware of this gift I've been given. The addition of Harris' family has also been an extreme blessing to me - not only do I get genuine love and warmth from my own family, but also the family I inherited when I became Harris' wife. Thank you, Lord!

After a short visit with amazing family and friends, Harris and I were given the opportunity to experience Urbana in St. Louis over New Years! Thanks for First Presbyterian Church of Rome, we were given a discounted rate to attend this amazing conference. To keep things short and sweet, I'll just list some "nuggets" we gleaned from that weekend:

The Lord loves it when we say, "yes" to following His plan for our lives and sacrificing things to do so (even if that means living overseas): He loves those who stand up and yell, "YES!! I'll go, send me!", but He also loves those who simply whisper, "Yes, Lord. Your Will be done in my life."
[of the two of us, guess who yelled and who whispered]
If we plan to serve and minister overseas, what makes us think we will be ready and able to do so if we are not serving and ministering in our own country?
 God may not reveal your calling in one magnificent revelation, but each of us can say "yes" in faith to little opportunities presented to us, which will in turn lead to a beautiful story of a life lived in obedience to the Lord.
Overall it was a wonderful experience and we both learned many great lessons from people who have lived out their faith both in the States as well as overseas. No matter where we end up, I have always known that I want my life to be about glorifying the Lord and serving others. I will simply say "yes" along the way to opportunities that are presented and that we feel we are called to do.

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