Wednesday, March 27, 2013

act like it.

One of my favorite times with Harris is when he and I go on long roadtrips together. When we travel down to Georgia, we have 7 hours of uninterrupted, private conversation and hang-out time.

I just love it!

The thing I do not love all the time is the stress of driving in traffic. This is one place that Harris and I get into little disagreements.

On our most recent trip home, I drove first and I made the remark, "When I drive, we rarely get into arguments! This is great!" We soon realized that this was because I'm most definitely a "side-seat" driver, which annoys the heck out of Harris.

I started to think about it.. I genuinely do trust Harris. I would (and do) put my life in his hands in any situation and feel fully secure. I just don't always act like it.

        "Do you see that car?"

 "Woah, brake lights.. brake lights!"

      "Slow down...... speed up..."

"That truck is wanting to pass us.."

When Harris rides with me, there is equally as much distraction and action going on, but he sits there quietly and patiently (unless of course we're in danger of some sort - which happens when I drive, I'll admit). I know that he trusts me because his actions show me that he does.

I do trust God. I just don't act like it many times.

I worry and complain. I stress and question.

I would LOVE to make it my goal to really show the Lord that I trust Him with my whole life. It honors Him. The same way that we can honor our husbands by showing them that we trust them.

Don't get me wrong, we are here to be helpful, and we should call out things in order to keep each other safe. In the same way, I think that it is genunine when we tell the Lord when we are afraid. I'm just saying that when we really do trust someone, we should probably make an effort to show them that we do.

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