Friday, May 17, 2013

favorite things.

Everybody has that something that they just LOVE. It's one of their "things".

Most people probably have a handful of favorites that everyone who is invested in their life would know of or be familiar with. I have come, in my super-wise age of 24 (sarcasm... I'm not good at it, so I wanted to clarify here), to truly appreciate when someone has a favorite thing. What a sweet gift the Lord gave us, to have preferences and interests that are unique to the individual He created.

How cool that each of us can pick out certain aspects about the world around us that bring us a feeling that we enjoy. We don't deserve to have wonderful things, but we do, and most of us get to enjoy those things on enough of a regular basis to have them remain in the "favorite" category.

My sweet mama has a favorite thing.. one of many.. but it's still a favorite. Roses.

She has always taken pictures of roses. 

When I was younger I thought, "why would anyone want SO many 
pictures of roses, especially ones that grow in your own yard?" 

Now, I find it SO precious. You can see the complete joy she gets from these roses just through the lens. She knows ALL the names of the roses and she can tell you anything there is to know about them. How wonderful. 

The coolest thing is, if you allow them, someone who gets SO much joy from a favorite thing can transmit that joy to you through the sharing of their love. I learned that lesson with my husband as well. He LOVES airplanes and aviation. He tells me with the brightest eyes, all about the things he learns in school and the new planes that come to visit the maintenance shop. It's so exciting!

Never knew I could love roses and airplanes as much as I do. I guess it's the joy I see in their eyes that makes me feel so wonderful inside.

What's your favorite thing?

Share it with someone and transmit the joy!

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