Monday, May 13, 2013


I went to the doctor this morning for my yearly (well, this is my first appointment since seeing a pediatrician) check-up. I have been to many other doctors, eye doctors, dentists, medical express doctors, etc., but this time was different.

My doctor really invested in me during the short time we had together; he asked really good questions and really listened when I talked. I felt great when I left!

There's nothing wrong with me and, as a healthy 24-year-old, fortunately I did not have much to chat about health-wise. I had a few questions here and there, but overall I just felt well-cared for.

It's amazing the impact of feeling heard.

The doctor likely did not, in the craziness of his day, have a ton of time for me. His to-do list was long out the door and I did not even have to confirm that with him to know it as a fact. Despite all of that, he slowed down enough to sit and talk with me and listen to me. I was heard.

We need to bring that important element into our everyday interactions with others. How great it would be, when a friend or coworker comes up to us to chat or ask a question or tell a story, if we would just stop long enough to make them leave feeling heard?

In the fast-paced culture we live in, rarely do you leave any function, event, or conversation feeling truly heard. I think that's why many people gather in coffee shops and small, intimate restaurants for lunch dates. As you sit there with only a warm-something to drink and a tiny table between you and the other person you're meeting with, the distractions are minimized and the conversation and listening is maximized.

Since coffee dates, lunches, and intimate gatherings are not always in abundance on our day-planners, I would challendge us all to stop where we are just to make someone feel heard. Who knows, you'll probably get a lot more out of the conversation if you're asking clarifying questions, listening with a tuned-in ear, and negating other distractions. What a blessing!

Anyways, thank you doc for listening to me. I wasn't even sick, but I feel much better!

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