Tuesday, May 7, 2013

steal some time.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem: I cannot always find time to sit and enjoy time reading my Bible, praying, or sitting in God's presence.

Here's my schedule:
wake up, get ready, drive to work, work, go to the gym, come home, clean house, study/write paper for grad school, cook dinner, laundry/random cleaning, harris gets home (late), spend a bit of time together, study again, go to sleep... repeat.

My daily routine does not leave much room for sitting at a coffee shop for an hour or so to sip on a latte and read through my Bible (not to mention that, because of the season of life we're in, we cannot afford for me to get a $4 latte every time I want to spend time with Jesus).

I sometimes get lost in the idea that it has to be like that; that I have to run off to a very 'romantic' spot and set apart a big chunk of time to get really deep and immersed in God's Word and in His presence. I get into the pattern of thinking that if I cannot spend at least a solid uninterrupted hour reading my Bible then I cannot get the time I need with the Lord.

It's like my relationship with Harris. To make us thrive as a couple, we need to carve out time to spend together and invest in our relationship. We need an occasional date where we splurge and enjoy a long, romantic evening together. We need to connect deeply and share intimately. We do not, however, always have time or money to go on nice, romantic dates where we spend hours together. 

We also greatly need those random times where we joke, flirt, and connect in a more regular, less extravagant way. We share stories in between dinner and studying. We laugh and joke as we walk out the door on our way to work. We text during lunch break.

Those times may not seem like they're super fulfilling and creating strong, deep, connections... but they are. It's the same in my relationship with the Lord. I can read a passage at work. I can say a heartfelt prayer on my walk to the mailbox. I can talk with the Lord as I'm folding laundry or right before I crack open my Research Methods & Statistics book.

All of these little moments are creating a relationship. If I cease to find little moments for lack of time to indulge in the big moments, I will lose the relationship all together.

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  1. Taylor, my first visit here and I absolutely love what you have shared. I think I really needed your message today. "All of these little moments are creating a relationship." Such truth! I can't help but to share that after 23 years of marriage my husband and I still share random text message throughout the day to make each other smile and to stay connected. You are right...it is the same with spending time with God. Those little moments matter to Him. Many blessings to you.