Friday, June 21, 2013


After a time of owning and driving a car, you may notice that you slowly begin to fight the steering wheel to stay straight on the road. At first it's barely noticeable, but then the car is constantly drifting to one side. You must constantly exert more effort in order to keep the car on the road. It's frustrating! You feel like you are always pulling and tugging. Guess what that means?

Time to get the tires realigned! Wahoo!


Our attitudes are often in need of this same adjustment. [at least mine is]

The sinful nature inside each of us is constantly fighting to make its presence known. When we approach a difficult situation, especially when it's a "trigger" for us, we all have that gut reaction that's just waiting to come out and cause us to drift.

We may find our thoughts and attitudes shifting slowly at first, and then maybe to an obvious or noticeable degree.

We lose our attitude of thankfulness.
We lose our kindness and patience with others.
We drift away from what we know to be right.

We can find ourselves in a pattern of trying over and over to pull ourselves back, but sometimes we just need a full-out adjustment. We need to pull it over, go into the shop, and give up the fight. It's time for a tune-up.

You may only need a rotation. You may just need a quick reminder that your attitude should be that of joy and gratitude. You may just need to check yourself before you walk into that social gathering you've been loathing all week long. You may just need a little boost before you attempt something that is a challenge for you. You could, however, be on the other end, and need a full realignment. Take a time out to completely stop and recognize where you're going wrong and straighten it all out.

It will be so nice to have that realignment - you won't have to keep battling the road and pulling and tugging to stay in line with who you truly are! You will simply cruise along, windows down, relaxed, and drive down the path you're going on.

[ and as you car-owners know, that's not to say that once we get the realignment we're good to go forever.. thankfully we get the grace to come back in time and time again for a tune-up.. ]

When was the last time you went in for a tune up?

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