Tuesday, August 13, 2013

believe the best.

"This award goes to a student who is dependable, helpful to other students, exemplifies integrity, excels academically, always puts forth great effort, and whose peers voted him as someone they would most want to work alongside one day. This award goes to Michael Harrison York."

These were the [not exact, but paraphrased] words spoken about my husband last Friday, August 9th at the Liberty University Aviation Maintenance Technical School Graduation Ceremony.

Tears welled in my eyes and chills ran over my body. Pride.

That's my man.

There is nothing like hearing such admirable words spoken about someone you love, especially about the man who chose you to be his bride! I'm sure my face said it all as I sat there just beaming. He did it! He worked many hard hours. We sacrificed as a family for him to attend school for a year. He put forth the effort to excel in this program, and we were watching as he was awarded such an honor.

(here is a picture my dad took of the award - and yes, unintentionally he captured me admiring it)

I could go into many stories about the wonderful things that Harris did throughout the year. His leadership qualities were exemplified in mutliple facets of our lives and the lives of others. I could, but I'll save that for when you and I can sit and chat. I want you to feel the admiration I have for him when you hear about them. He is one great man.

There are times and there will be times when Harris frustrates me, hurts me unintentionally, or annoys me, but I am truly his biggest fan, and I want it to stay that way. I always want to be found cheering him on, singing his praises, and loving him well.

When things get hard, I believe we all need to replay the words we remember from things like:

Wedding vows
Award ceremonies
Heartfelt letters
Toasts given at weddings
Birthday cards

Whenever you heard or said truly loving words about the nature of the one you love, remember that! I truly believe the words spoken last Friday are words that describe my husband. [In fact, if it weren't completely socially inconsiderate to nod my head in agreement after each word was mentioned, I would have!] We must believe the best about our loved ones when things get difficult in our relationships. Remind ourselves of what is true about those we love.

My prayer is that if you're married to someone who is so great like my husband (and my guess is that you ARE or you would not have married them), that you would find multiple times to praise them, both privately and publically. My prayer for others is that you would find someone so great and also continue to believe the best in others around you.