Wednesday, January 29, 2014

mr. york

I can't get water from the water cooler without laughing and thinking of your impression of the minions. I love that when it seems like the words of the hymns don't rhyme (because you're supposed to say them in old english), I glance up at you while you sing them in an old english accent ("seen" doesn't rhyme with "been", unless you say "bean") and it cracks me up in church. Your understanding of Christ is beautifully simple. The way you light up when you talk about our God is quite possibly the most beautiful, contagious, and challenging thing I have ever encountered. You sure do have a funny way of never smiling normally when I want to take a picture, and I act frustrated, yet I end up loving all the goofy pictures we take together. The care with which you make my salads for lunch each day in the early morning hours is beyond self-sacrificing - and gourmet, I might add. You quite literally have the most passion for random stuff like I have never seen before in my life. The enthusiasm you get from learning random facts and becoming an expert at, well, everything, is contagious - even if I look at you like you're a five year old kid who is excited to show me that he caught a whole colony of worms and is transporting them around in his pocket (oh wait, that was you one day back in the 80's). I'm not 100% sure, but I think that you have gone downstairs to the cold kitchen EVERY time I have mentioned that I'd love some ice water once we're already snuggled warm in our bed. You still race me to the car, even on "fancy" date nights. And I try to act like we're too cool for that, but I always end up running. I have a feeling we'll act young forever.

Thankful for you today, mister.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

this is hard.


Voila - one of my wonderful Christmas presents from Harris. Brand new "real" running shoes. I really wanted these because I wanted to amp up my fitness, and felt that a new pair of shoes would help inspire that.

(For the record, it was not for a new year's resolution. I don't do those.
I do new day resolutions. Because I need them that often.)
I went to the YMCA yesterday to take a fitness class, and it absolutely kicked my booty. And my arms. And my legs. And my abs. And.. well, you get the idea. I also just happened to position myself in the class next to some women who I found out, after evesdropping, observing their rock hard bodies, and just plain playing Sherlock like I do, that they were, "fitness instructors, I presume?"
I thought I was ready. I've done workouts lately. I'm fit-ish. Nope. Not today.
The whole time I was doing something that resembled pushups, I kept thinking, "I really thought I was more in shape than this. I thought I could handle this.. this is hard!" I was reminded of the sermon we heard on Sunday called, "Love is Hard". God wants me to shape my heart to see the world how He sees it, and that takes, well, working out my heart. [See my analogy here? Sneaky.]
It is natural for me to love people who love me. The challenge comes in when I run into someone who has wronged me, or who I just plain don't get along with, or even (dare I say it) when someone who I married and vowed to love under all kinds of circumstances hurts or annoys me unintentionally. I become unloving. Unkind. Snappy. Ew.
Love challenges our natural feelings, our natural actions, and our natural life. [As does fitness, for many people.] The benefit of working out our heart (in both instances) is definitely worthwhile. Honestly, the only way I can do either one is to stay close to the cross - so I can keep going when the going gets rough.
Don't just settle for what is 'natural' because that will often leave you wanting. By not challenging ourselves creatively, spiritually, physically, emotionally, or however-ly.. we're allowing the natural tendencies to take over, and not allowing the possibilities to reveal themselves. Work hard, fight the default, but remember that there's grace ready for you when you are only able to do the modified versions of spiderman pushups. There will also be a high five from me simply because you came out. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

no longer new.

I have been gone a while. Since last year to be exact.

This adventure in Virginia, this blog, this season of life is no longer new, so I suppose I was disheartened and believed that I no longer had anything of interest to share. Harris and I are in what I call a "season of training": working and schooling. That's all we do. Sprinkle some random poor-grad-student-style dates and fun gatherings with our wonderful friends, but, well, yeah that's it.

The truth of the matter is we do have an adventure to share, and do I learn lessons every day. I don't ever want to be disillusioned into believing that because our current situation or season is not some crazy new or overly exciting/exotic dream world, that I have less of a story to share. That's such a lie. [Thanks for nothing, lies in my head.]

My goal here is to share this adventure, however mundane, with a degree of vulnerability that is appropriate for the blogging world. If you want more, let's meet for coffee. I have much to be grateful for, and my goal is to bring glory to the Lord in the everyday-ness of my life. Get ready to see some failure in that.. just raw realness here. So yeah, this is no longer a "new" adventure, but I'm going to embrace each messy, awkward, unorganized, sometimes-poor-attitude (often-poor-attitude) day with a smile and hopefully a little blogging. See ya soon.