Friday, January 24, 2014

no longer new.

I have been gone a while. Since last year to be exact.

This adventure in Virginia, this blog, this season of life is no longer new, so I suppose I was disheartened and believed that I no longer had anything of interest to share. Harris and I are in what I call a "season of training": working and schooling. That's all we do. Sprinkle some random poor-grad-student-style dates and fun gatherings with our wonderful friends, but, well, yeah that's it.

The truth of the matter is we do have an adventure to share, and do I learn lessons every day. I don't ever want to be disillusioned into believing that because our current situation or season is not some crazy new or overly exciting/exotic dream world, that I have less of a story to share. That's such a lie. [Thanks for nothing, lies in my head.]

My goal here is to share this adventure, however mundane, with a degree of vulnerability that is appropriate for the blogging world. If you want more, let's meet for coffee. I have much to be grateful for, and my goal is to bring glory to the Lord in the everyday-ness of my life. Get ready to see some failure in that.. just raw realness here. So yeah, this is no longer a "new" adventure, but I'm going to embrace each messy, awkward, unorganized, sometimes-poor-attitude (often-poor-attitude) day with a smile and hopefully a little blogging. See ya soon.

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