Monday, February 10, 2014

best thinking.

This is a picture of where I do my best thinking. It's late at night in my bed when my world has quieted. As thoughts rush into my mind, sometimes I wish I had a notepad for all the creative genius that comes in, and other times I am glad that step two in the process involves sleeping all of the thoughts away.

Tonight, as the dominant thoughts were rather overwhelming, I had to follow one of my favorite of God's commands: "be still" (psalm 46:10). He has those things (fill in the blank - or in my case, blanks) covered. If they are not of eternal significance, they're not worth unnecessary rumination. If they are of eternal significance, then all the more reason to let it go. Especially as I try to quiet myself before enjoying His gift of sleep. 

Sweet dreams everybody. He is holding you and all the many things your little brain is carrying tightly in His arms tonight.


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