Monday, March 17, 2014

a tribute to the youth.

I would like to introduce you to some faces who have forever impacted my life. The blessing is that these are but a few I have had the pleasure of interacting with:

a spirit with peace like that of a river
a family with love that knows no condition
a girl full of joy that is infectious
I have had the pleasure of watching these young people walk through life, and unfortunately, over the past few years (and more recently), walk through tragedy. They have each faced challenges in life that far exceed the emotional and spiritual challenges that are typical of their chronological ages. Yet the most beautiful part about being in relationship with them, even if only for a time or in a small way, is that I have been forever marked by the faith that anchors them.
In times of both regular teenage life, as well as times of deepest grief and mounrning, I am in awe of the strength these young people possess. The fact that the Lord would entrust each of them with such a story, such a legacy of faith, is modern day Mary and Joseph if you ask me.
They choose to believe God is good. They choose to take Him at His Word.
The Lord speaks highly of this population that is oft overlooked in our culture. Judged, brushed off, and mocked for any number of reasons.. yet the youth will surprise you, and I dare say even challenge you. If adults would take the time to get to know young people, whether they be family, friends, or neighbors, I believe they would walk away catching a glimpse of some aspect of the faith that they lost along the way, or perhaps never knew.
Lord, in my eyes, these young people are not "deserving" of such heartache and loss, but who am I to say what their story should or should not be. The strength that the Lord entrusts in each one is a blessing to the world!
Turn to the youth. They will surprise you with character that has not yet been tainted by our world.
Thank you, each of you, for teaching me more than I know I needed to learn. My time with all of you has blessed me beyond measure. I pray for all of you constantly, and only wish I could take away the pain you've all experienced through loss. You have encouraged me to value the important things in life, and I know that I will always be inspired by the resilience that you show each day.

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