Wednesday, March 26, 2014

being intentional.

I recently stopped to notice that I have not been intentional in many areas of my life.

The automatic mode kicks in often, and this is not even the busiest season I've had in a really long time. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary, this is somewhat one of the slowest little seasons I've had recently. I go through the daily motions, and get from one designated place to another, and I interact as well as I can, but there is a difference. I am not thinking intentionally as I do these things.

We all have to fight for what we value: marriage, family, friendships, faith, peace, etc. These things will not come naturally, despite the fact that you simply really really want them:

If I want a solid marriage, the time I spend with (and without) Harris needs to be intentional - with the intent of making our marriage strong and thriving. What actions can I take to make him feel valued? respected? significant?

If I want a family that has good communication, I need to be intentional to create moments that foster good back-and-forth and offer a chance for everyone to feel safe to share. Is this an open door for me to ask how this person's heart is after what seems like it could have been a difficult day?

If I want genuine friendships, I must step out on a limb and be intentional about the degree of openness and realness that I share with them. How can I offer the feeling that I have an unconditional positive regard for this person, no matter what they can or cannot do for me?

If I want a solid faith, being intentional to practice a grateful heart and intentionally offering up prayers in the midst of a crazy schedule is what will make it happen over time. What promises do I hope for that I can be confident in?

If I want peace that surpasses the circumstances, I should be intentional in how I approach the day: not allowing the natural worries to flood my head, or the scribbles on my planner to overwhelm my mind. How has the Lord provided for me in the past? How can I be still and know that He is God?

These things I value, while my heart may eagerly desire them, do not simply happen without thought and action. I want to sacrifice things so that I can enjoy what I value and place each in its proper place. This even applies to other topics such as alone time, fitness, creativity, and other avenues. There just has to be intentionality for them to truly be present in my life... so here I go!

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