Friday, July 11, 2014

awkward & awesome.

The idea for today's post came from one of my favorite blogs, When she was pregnant with her first, the author posted every Thursday to commemorate some of the moments that marked her experience. I decided this would be a great exercise for me to begin as I'm a little over halfway through this new journey with baby York.

- Well, we can start with the picture of my bump above. What are those raven claws coming from the top of the red mountain? Veinyyy is what they are.
- May I add bump selfies in general?
- My latest adventure with clothing... Every morning Harris gets a fashion show, like it or not. I need help and he's not a girl, so he must fulfill the occasional, "no that won't do" or "hold this and I'll zip you up" role.
- Cracking myself up with my own joke before the recipient had a chance to even process what I said. I'm left laughing hysterically by myself.. it really was funny, promise.
- Riding a bike in a maxi dress while pregnant. Don't let your dress fly up, get caught in the wheels, or flash innocent bystanders. Do you even remember how to do this? Oh yeah, and you're front-heavy.
- Walking by people in the hallway or at the store: Eye contact, belly-eye contact, smile. Yes, that's a bump you see, but sometimes I want to say, "that buffet lunch was delightful!" Keep 'em guessin'.
- I'm not sure why I just assumed underwear and bras would fit like they always did while the rest of me grows exponentially. 
- The pathetic attempt I made the other night to do a 'prenatal arm workout'. Those 5lb weights have never been so heavy. The occasional reminder to breathe actually saved my life.
- My food obsession. Harris says, "I have steaks in the fridge marinating for the grill, some green peppers to roast, and baked potatoes for dinner tonight.".. and I was so sweet to suggest, "Can we just go to Captain D's?" I meant it.
- Going for a chill Sunday plane ride with Harris, only to have the little one show his excitement by practicing his fist bump dance all over my insides. A sign of active boy things to come, I'm sure!
- Our latest trip to the lake in GA. Family, fireworks, food, the fourth.. perfect.
- VINEGAR. Anything with vinegar on it or in it. Salt & Vinegar chips being the particularly desirable snack of choice these days. If you ever have to tell me bad news, just do it after handing me a king size bag of these. It'll go over just fine.
- The funny voice Harris gets when he goes to speak to his mini-me in my belly. It's never his normal voice. I love it though because I know baby is probably just as much of a weirdo, and I love weirdos.
- My new revelation that we will no longer celebrate my favorite holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) without our newest member of the family. Oh, the traditions!! I can just see the eye rolls that my future teenage boy will give because of Mom's obsession with making Christmas magic!! Love it!
- Giving in wholeheartedly to a nap after work because I needed it. Best feeling ever.
- Thinking about the fact that I have a little man to raise and teach about God's love.

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