Thursday, September 10, 2015

awkward & awesome.


  • The amount of sounds I have already mastered being the mama of a boy. Walking down the grocery aisle, I almost forget that other people have ears. And thoughts. And..  oh, don't mind me, I'm just doing a quick u-turn in my race car buggy to pick up the Cheerios. 
  • Getting super emotional watching love stories unfold on a certain reality TV show which shall not be named. Fine, if you're dying to know, it's a show based on singles who gather together to find love on a beach. In Mexico. 
  • Okay, it's Bachelor in Paradise. Judge away.
  • My cat snobbishly ignores all table food that Harrison drops on the floor, but for some reason is not able to resist the tantalizing smell and taste of cold cut turkey...?
  • The sound of a congested nose... you can only imagine the awkwardness. 
  • Keeping your toothbrush still and moving your head back and forth to brush your teeth. Electric toothbrushes would fall under the "Awesome" category, but I think how I use them qualifies for this one. 
  • Trying to do an extensive shopping trip with a 10 month old. When it's time for a nap, you're fumbling with formula and bottle appendices, shushing a very frustrated passenger, and unloading and then reloading a plethora of shopping bags from the undercarriage area, all in the middle of the four-lane walkway. Look cool, I challenge you. 


  • The hate-hate relationship I have with this blasted spider who lives in the dead-bolt excess space in our front door. Tried to kill that little stink and I'm just not quick enough. I come out looking for him every morning because apparently he's a party-all-nighter and does not know when to retreat back into his creepy little hole.. I'll get you one of these days, spider. For now, I feel like we're frenemies. 
  • There is a common occurrence of asian women who just love my child and all of his delicious rolls. One lady even told me that in her culture, if a baby has one roll in his thighs, that means that the next baby will be a boy, and if the baby has two rolls in his thighs, the next baby will be a girl. Well good grief, I better start shopping for pink!
  • Still occasionally look down at my wedding ring and get giddy like it's fresh on my finger. 
  • The other night we were eating dinner and a good, cleansing summer rain came pounding down. Harris opened the window in the dining room and we enjoyed a home-cooked meal to one of my favorite sounds. 
  • We have been praying with and in front of the boy ever since he was teensy. Yesterday he did his 'pray hands' at the table and we were just so humbled and thrilled!
  • I painted my nails this week. Make that this year. #winning

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