Tuesday, September 29, 2015

even then.

In sickness and in health.

They say that part for a reason. We're completely vulnerable and at our worst when we're sick, yet we're called to love each other patiently, thoroughly, and kindly none the less. Now I know that some families find themselves in situations where sickness is such a huge and all-consuming component of their marriage, and I do not even attempt to pretend that I know what the full extent of the call to love in sickness can  truly look like. If you want the opportunity to learn about the truest test, I know of some who would have much more to say on the subject, and I hate it for them. But sickness, like all other aspects of life, has both mundane and extreme sides - and I think we can learn from both.

This poor house has been hit with whatever bug/virus it is. Hit hard and fast.

I got it. Then Harris got it. Thankfully baby has not gotten it.

Since we have apparently been passing the sickness on to each other, we decided that we would sleep apart. One of my favorite things about being married, hold on now kids, is getting to sleep next to my best friend every night. His home is my home. His bed is my bed. Not getting weird here, just stating the joy of being so connected to someone. Well, as much as I didn't want to get sick again, I really didn't want to sleep apart. Harris, the practical one in the relationship, was pretty adamant that this was the way to go. He even offered to sleep in the living room himself, sweet man. I wanted him to be comfortable, so I gathered my pillow and a blanket and slumped into the living room.

I put on The Notebook, a movie that Harris and I love to watch together (sorry to release your secret, babe), and cuddled up alone on the couch.

In about 2 minutes, I hear footsteps coming down our old hardwood floors, and Harris comes around the corner with his own pillow and blanket to climb on the other couch. He couldn't stand it either - he wanted to be close, even then. That, my friends, is just one of those precious moments that add up to what make marriage so great. In mundane sickness, no less.

Now, I know this isn't the make up of a romance novel (or romance movie like the one we were watching), but that one act was so precious to me. He wanted to be near me too, even in his weakest moment. Even then. My best friend.

We have had to hold each other up, support when the other was lacking, and even though we are weak and sick, we still want to be close and sweet. May you always find moments to be close, be sweet, and enjoy mundane moments together, in sickness and in health.

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